How to Write a Memorable Cover Letter in 5 Ways

How to Write a Memorable Cover Letter in 5 Ways

There seem to be many different ways to mess up cover letters, and so many questions to ask. Is your cover letter formal or casual enough? Is it too long or too short?

When sending your application to an employer, you want them to remember you for a good reason. It will increase your chances of getting hired. One way to do this is to write a memorable cover letter.

To boost your chances of getting A-listed by employers, you must learn how to write a memorable cover letter.

Why Write a Memorable Cover Letter?

A cover letter is a document you send along with your resume. It helps employers know you better, as well as for you to become a notable applicant.

Aside from these, a memorable cover letter also allows you to:

  • Impress employers and show them why you are fit for the job
  • Highlight your personality, passion, and writing skills
  • Build a relationship with the employer
  • Display your ability to follow instructions

In a survey of 200 recruiters, 83% agreed that cover letters play an important role in choosing the best person for the job. In addition, 74% noted their preference for applicants who sent cover letters.

Writing a cover letter shows your effort to get the job. As such, you should customize it for each application.

Here's How to Write a Memorable Cover Letter

  1. Grab the employer's attention

    One way to grab the hirers' attention is to express that you wish to be part of their team. Create an impression that they will benefit from hiring you.

  2. Research the company

    Know more about the company, including the hiring managers. A good way to create a memorable cover letter is to write as if you know the hirer. Doing this helps create a relationship with them. Find out where the hiring managers went to study, their majors, and past jobs

  3. Write a unique cover letter for each company

    Cover letters are great for businesses because they let hiring managers know whether or not you are aware of the company culture. So, ensure that your cover letter gives a lasting impression by writing it in a way that matches the company's tone

    Submit a unique cover letter based on the job description and requirements. Ultimately, you must convince the hiring manager that you are the best person for the job.

  4. Create a 3-sentence story

    Your cover letter should be clear and descriptive in the first few phrases. Another step in how to write a memorable cover letter is to tell your story in three sentences. It must include your overall job experience and what lead to your accomplishments. Finally, end your short story with your callback information

    Remember that while using stories can greatly increase your cover letter's effectiveness, many people add extra or irrelevant details that cause their anecdotes to drag on and lose their impact. Keep the story short and concise.

  5. Use keywords

    Place keywords that target the job description in the cover letter. This tip is helpful, given that 75% of employers and many Fortune 500 companies use applicant tracking systems (ATS) to find the best candidates

Be Memorable; Get Hired!

When applying for a job, you want the hiring manager to remember you as the candidate who stood out.

Send a customized and memorable cover letter that grabs attention to achieve this. Learn more about the company and hiring manager to draft a cover letter that tells your story. Finally, boost your chances by placing keywords based on the job description.

You must also review and revise the cover letter before sending it out with your resume. Then, pursue your dream job or explore your career options by visiting!

Written by Career Specialist Feb 13, 2023
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