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Groups Recover Together
Barboursville, WV | Other
$117k-143k (estimate)
4 Months Ago
Palm Beach Medical
West Palm Beach, FL | Full Time
$105k-122k (estimate)
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Mardiney Asthma Allergy Immunology Centers
Ellicott City, MD | Part Time | Full Time
$128k-154k (estimate)
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Health Connect America
Gulfport, MS | Full Time
Just Posted
Treatment Centers
Thomasville, NC | Full Time
$105k-124k (estimate)
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Treatment Centers
Salisbury, NC | Full Time
Just Posted
Momentum Health Center
Red Bank, NJ | Part Time | Full Time | Contractor
$123k-146k (estimate)
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Polaris Healthcare
Westbury, NY | Full Time
$135k-165k (estimate)
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New York Cardiovascular Medicine
Ridgewood, NY | Full Time
$129k-151k (estimate)
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West Tennessee Healthcare
Jackson, TN | Full Time
$93k-111k (estimate)
Just Posted
Ultra Health Providers
Jackson, TN | Full Time
$89k-105k (estimate)
Just Posted
Balance Wellspace
Christiansburg, VA | Contractor | Part Time | Full Time
$90k-106k (estimate)
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Baptist Health Arkansas
Fort Smith, AR | Full Time
1 Day Ago
Homestead Hospice
Chandler, AZ | Full Time
1 Day Ago
One Stop Recruiting
Flagstaff, AZ | Full Time
$85k-102k (estimate)
1 Day Ago
Oak Valley Hospital District
Oakdale, CA | Full Time
$112k-133k (estimate)
1 Day Ago
Urgentmed West Hills
West Hills, CA | Full Time
$124k-139k (estimate)
1 Day Ago
Wellbe Senior Medical
Savannah, GA | Other
$100k-118k (estimate)
1 Day Ago
Wellbe Senior Medical
McDonough, GA | Other
$104k-122k (estimate)
1 Day Ago
Wellbe Senior Medical
Augusta, GA | Other
$100k-117k (estimate)
1 Day Ago
Baymark Health Services
Lake Charles, LA | Contractor
$102k-120k (estimate)
1 Day Ago
Gastrointestinal Specialists
Shreveport, LA | Full Time
$163k-212k (estimate)
1 Day Ago
Communicare Family Companies
Hagerstown, MD | Full Time
$104k-122k (estimate)
1 Day Ago
Jacksonville, NC | Full Time
$96k-115k (estimate)
1 Day Ago
Cheraw, SC | Part Time
$93k-112k (estimate)
1 Day Ago
Evergreen Life Services
Antioch, TN | Part Time
$83k-98k (estimate)
1 Day Ago

1099 Nurse Practitioner

Groups Recover Together Barboursville, WV
$117k-143k (estimate)
Other 4 Months Ago


Groups Recover Together was founded in 2014 to make treatment for opioid addiction respectful, accessible and affordable. We empower our members to regain control of their lives through a combination of community support, outpatient weekly group therapy and medication to manage withdrawal using buprenorphine and naltrexone. 


What differentiates Groups is the belief that long-term recovery from opioids is tied to aspects of life that are beyond the reach of traditional medical care. We approach fighting addiction as a team sport and provide each member with a care team that works together to ensure our members receive comprehensive, coordinated care. Our outpatient model is designed to fit into our member’s schedules so they can keep working and living a normal life.  As a result, our outcomes reflect the success of our model and the commitment of our members with 73% remaining in treatment after 6 months, 90% attending group therapy each week and 89% abstaining from illicit substances each week.


Groups has grown to become the national leader in value-based care for opioid use disorder that is proven to help our members beat addiction and get their lives back. We have over 5,000 members seen weekly via our fully virtual care model and have physical locations across the country with additional openings planned in 2021. 


Prescribing Providers with Groups oversee patient care, supported by dedicated office staff experienced in addiction treatment (including a full-time staff of licensed addiction counselors, office coordinators and assigned Regional Management). Providers work on a part-time/ supplemental basis to manage up to 275 patients across one or more clinic locations (patients treated is dependent on compatible schedule availability and providers DATA 2000 waiver or “X waiver” patient cap designation- 30, 100 or 275). Because our clinical system is protocol-driven, prior experience in addiction treatment is not required. Our providers (APRN, NP, PA or equivalent) have diverse backgrounds and experience ranging from primary care, Midwifery, psychiatry, ER, anesthesia and even Surgery. Our National Medical Director, Dr. Gus Crothers, who maintains his Addiction Board Certification along with extensive personal experience working with Suboxone is available to provide guidance and consultation to those with less experience.Assist in conducting intakes. Providers see patients after they have already undergone an extensive evaluation by the counselor.

  • Monitor patients' clinical progress at regular group counseling sessions. Groups are run by specialized counseling staff; providers participate by answering questions and managing patients’ medication dosing.
  • Authorize patients' prescriptions during monthly visits with patient panels.
  • Complete all notes and reporting in Groups EMR system within required timeline (providers receive full orientation/ training on Clinical Protocols before eligible to begin work with Groups)

* We utilize strict protocols to guide clinical decision-making. We have also developed a unique, technology-driven and team-based clinical system that handles all day-to-day patient management and regulatory compliance. This allows physicians to focus exclusively on medical management.


  • Active WV State License with Autonomous Practice
  • Active WV DEA
  • DATA 2000 Waiver (24 hr online course. Earn CME credit.)
  • Active Medicaid Prescriber (In-State)
  • Current certification in CPR and first aid
  • Proof of TB status
  • Local Proximity to Office (Position not remote)
  • In accordance with Groups’ duty to provide and maintain a workplace that is free of known hazards, we have adopted a vaccination policy to safeguard the health of our employees and their families; our members and visitors; and the community at large from COVID-19.  Employees, defined as those who physically enter an office, provide member-facing, in-person treatment or who represent Groups in our community and to our payors, are required to be vaccinated against COVID-19, unless a reasonable accommodation is approved.  This role falls under such policy and qualified applicants are required to provide proof of compliance as a condition of employment.

Flexible Schedules:

Providers make a limited time commitment of 5-20hours/month (potentially more), based on their availability (including evenings and weekends).

Superior Pay:

We provide above-market hourly compensation of $100/hr for attending group therapy and for conducting new patient intakes. Groups are run by specialized counseling staff; providers participate by answering questions and managing patients’ medication dosing. For intakes, providers see patients after they have already undergone an extensive evaluation by the counselor.




Burlington, MA

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Family nurse practitioners streamline medical services by serving as the central point of care for their patients.

02/06/2022: Virginia Beach, VA

Nurse practitioners often work under the supervision of licensed physicians, and they can collaborate and work on teams with a variety of other medical and allied health professionals.

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Nurse practitioners provide a full range of preventive, diagnostic and specialty health care services.

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Becoming a nurse practitioner enables nurses to advance their careers, building upon a solid nursing practice foundation to diversify specialty skill sets.

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Understand the Clinical Requirements for Becoming a Nurse Pracitioner.

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Become a Certified Nurse Practitioner (CNP).

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Create a learning environment for employees.

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Attain Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN) Licensure.

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High Point University
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