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Healthpro Heritage
Rochester, NY | Full Time
2 Months Ago
Kaiser Permanente
Lancaster, CA | Other
$102k-119k (estimate)
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Kindred Hospitals
East Chicago, IN | Other
$76k-89k (estimate)
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Riverview Pt
Westbrook, ME | Full Time
$87k-103k (estimate)
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Atlas Rehab & Wellness
North Canton, OH | Other
$82k-97k (estimate)
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Hireops Staffing, Llc
Houston, TX | Full Time
$88k-103k (estimate)
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Kaiser Permanente
Spokane, WA | Other
$81k-96k (estimate)
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Evolve Healthcare
Republic, WA | Contractor
$87k-102k (estimate)
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Mi_Sjmhs08 Trinity Health Probility Physical Therapy
Ann Arbor, MI | Part Time
$86k-101k (estimate)
2 Days Ago
Arlington Public Schools
Arlington, VA | Other
$101k-120k (estimate)
2 Days Ago
Kaiser Permanente
Santa Clarita, CA | Other
$101k-117k (estimate)
3 Days Ago
Mirage Health Services Llc
Kent, DE | Other
$95k-112k (estimate)
3 Days Ago
Nevada, IA | Full Time
$85k-99k (estimate)
3 Days Ago
Casa Of Hobart
Hobart, IN | Part Time
$83k-97k (estimate)
3 Days Ago
Careone Management Llc
Teaneck, NJ | Other
$79k-93k (estimate)
3 Days Ago
Lifecare Home Health Family
Richardson, TX | Other
$76k-90k (estimate)
3 Days Ago
Interstate Rehab
Santa Monica, CA | Full Time
$93k-109k (estimate)
4 Days Ago
Evolve Healthcare
Danville, CA | Full Time
$99k-117k (estimate)
4 Days Ago
Evolve Healthcare
Red Bluff, CA | Full Time
$77k-91k (estimate)
4 Days Ago
Mercyone Clive Rehabilitation Hospital
Clive, IA | Other
$81k-94k (estimate)
4 Days Ago
Evolve Healthcare
Metropolis, IL | Full Time
$68k-80k (estimate)
4 Days Ago
Evolve Healthcare
Shelbyville, IL | Contractor
$80k-95k (estimate)
4 Days Ago
Evolve Healthcare
Danville, IL | Contractor
$80k-95k (estimate)
4 Days Ago
Evolve Healthcare
Harrisburg, IL | Full Time
$76k-90k (estimate)
4 Days Ago
Pt Solutions Physical Therapy
Evansville, IN | Full Time
$84k-98k (estimate)
4 Days Ago
Adoration Home Health And Hospice
HIGH POINT, NC | Full Time
$72k-86k (estimate)
4 Days Ago

Physical Therapist (PT)

Healthpro Heritage Rochester, NY
Full Time 2 Months Ago


Full-time Physical Therapist

St. John's Living- Rochester, NY


At HealthPro Heritage we hire people who share our vision, who work diligently and provide the kind of care that will help change patient's lives for the better. As an Associate, your dedication and commitment deserve respect and recognition. If you're looking for a career and straightforward and realistic 'care' expectations, maybe it's time to look at our company.


The Physical Therapist evaluates and treats residents, under orders from a physician, through the use of a variety of therapeutic procedures designed to restore loss of muscle strength, coordination and body alignment, to relieve pain and to improve movement and function. The Physical Therapist participates as a member of the interdisciplinary team providing support and information within the area of Physical Therapy.


1.  Review available resident information and evaluate the impact of this information on the assessment and treatment process.

2.  Conduct and document a thorough functional assessment of the resident, utilizing standardized procedures. Assessment of home/vocational and equipment needs.

3.  Develop and implement an individualized treatment plan based on resident needs and containing achievable functional goals.

4.  Comply with evaluation, treatment and documentation guidelines and consistently maintain timely and accurate department records.

5.  Instruct Assistants in treatment procedures to be utilized and provide close supervision while such staff members are working with residents.

6.  Enter a progress note in the resident record following each treatment session.

7.  Revise treatment plans, as needed, throughout the treatment process. Physical Therapist

8.  Document the course of treatment in a clear concise discharge summary utilizing a prescribed format.

9.  Orient residents to program services and treatment procedures appropriate to their needs. Inform residents of any potential risk during any procedures.

10. Work with nursing staff, resident and families to maximize resident's use of functional abilities.

11. Instruct residents and family/other caregiver about exercise programs and therapeutic procedures to be continued by the resident at home following treatment.

12. Assist in the referral process when a resident requires additional services following discharge. Maintain current knowledge of community resources.

13. Attend and participate in, or provide information for rehabilitation team conferences regarding resident progress, problems or needs.

14. Attend and participate in other department/facility meetings, as required.

15. Access continuing education opportunities appropriate to discipline and responsibilities in order to maintain clinical competency.

16. Participate in the quality improvement process.

17. Promote the programs and services of Heritage Healthcare through formal and informal interactions with the community.

18. Act in compliance with Heritage Healthcare’s regulatory and professional standards and guidelines.

19. Provide input to the Rehab Manager on clinical performance of assistants, as requested and appropriate.

20. Adhere to facility policies and procedures and participate in facility quality improvement and safety programs.

21. Perform other duties as assigned and required to provide quality care to residents.

22. Understand reimbursement by various payers and allocates therapy resources efficiently in accordance with resident goals and outcomes related to discharge destination.

23. Demonstrate a knowledge of OBRA regulations, HIPAA, Local Coverage Determination, and third party reimbursement guidelines.

24. Support the company’s commitment to Compassionate Care; projects a professional image to foster confidence in the Rehab Program.

25. Perform duties in an independent manner and recognizes situations where direct supervision is needed; willingly helping others.

26. Maintain the expected productivity level that has been discussed and is expected for your position at your particular facility/facilities. 


This job description does not list all the duties of the job. You may be asked by the supervisors or managers to perform other duties. You will be evaluated in part based upon your performance of the tasks listed in this job description.


1.  Bachelor/Masters of Science degree in Physical Therapy.  

2.  Current license in the state of practice.  

3.  Prefer supervision, training and/or experience in a setting serving the same age/type of resident population served by this facility.  

4.  Certification, if applicable, and demonstrated competency in identified areas of specialization.  

5.  Excellent oral and written communication and interpersonal skills.

6.  Demonstrated competency in applying the principles, methods, materials and equipment used in physical therapy.  

7.  Ability to assess resident needs and develop and implement a comprehensive plan of care.  

8.  Knowledge of accreditation standards and compliance requirements.  

9.  Ability to complete the following activities safely, and at times, for prolonged periods:

• Standing: Maintaining an upright position on the feet, especially  for prolonged periods of time

• Pushing: Applying pressure and exerting force against an object for  the purpose of moving it forward or away from the source of the force – push or pull force up to 35 lbs.

• Lifting: Raising an object from a lower to a higher position, or moving an object   laterally, from position to position

• Required to lift up to 50 lbs of force independently.  May be required to lift over 50 lbs with assistance of another person or a mechanical lift

• Stooping: Bending the body forward and down from the waist, hips and knees, sometimes for a prolonged length of time.

• Reaching: Extending hand(s) and arm(s) in any direction away from the body

• Balancing:  Maintaining body equilibrium to prevent falling when walking, standing or crouching on narrow, slippery or moving surfaces 

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Healthpro Heritage
Part Time
$78k-93k (estimate)
Just Posted
Healthpro Heritage
Part Time
$78k-93k (estimate)
Just Posted
Healthpro Heritage
Full Time
$117k-144k (estimate)
Just Posted

The following is the career advancement route for Physical Therapist (PT) positions, which can be used as a reference in future career path planning. As a Physical Therapist (PT), it can be promoted into senior positions as an Exercise Physiologist that are expected to handle more key tasks, people in this role will get a higher salary paid than an ordinary Physical Therapist (PT). You can explore the career advancement for a Physical Therapist (PT) below and select your interested title to get hiring information.

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