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8 Security Patrol Officer Jobs in Hyattsville, MD

Signal of Silver Spring
Hyattsville, MD | Full Time
$64k-75k (estimate)
1 Month Ago
Master Security
Hyattsville, MD | Full Time
$42k-54k (estimate)
1 Week Ago
Securitas Security Services
Hyattsville, MD | Full Time
$37k-47k (estimate)
2 Months Ago
Allied Universal
Hyattsville, MD | Full Time
$52k-67k (estimate)
10 Months Ago
Hyattsville, MD | Full Time
$47k-61k (estimate)
1 Month Ago
Allied Universal
Hyattsville, MD | Part Time
$70k-93k (estimate)
4 Weeks Ago
Allied Universal
Hyattsville, MD | Part Time
$47k-61k (estimate)
1 Month Ago
Allied Universal
Hyattsville, MD | Part Time
$47k-61k (estimate)
5 Days Ago
Security Patrol Officer
$64k-75k (estimate)
Full Time 1 Month Ago

sadSorry! This job is no longer available. Please explore similar jobs listed on the left.

Signal of Silver Spring is Hiring a Security Patrol Officer Near Hyattsville, MD


  • Annual Tuition Assistance

  • Paid training & Certifications
  • 401k Retirement Benefit
  • Supplemental Insurance
  • Paid Time Off (for eligible employees)
  • Instant Pay-Next Day Pay

Position Summary:

A Signal Patrol Officer will conduct patrols, (foot and vehicle) for courtyards, offices, pools, and other high value areas to ensure all required access points are properly secured and to ensure protection of property and residents with a high degree of attentiveness to details and safety. All duties listed below are minimum requirements additional duties listed in the sites Post Orders are requirements as well.

Soft Skills:

  • Visioning: Understanding the big picture and requirements necessary to deliver services that reflect company values, goals, and purpose. Can you exhibit our core values, creating peace of mind for our clients?
  • Strategic Planning: Effective engagement, communication, planning and execution of daily patrol responsibilities while meeting established deadlines. Can you effectively complete a route in the allotted time?
  • Financial Acumen: Understanding company measurements while executing the necessary behaviors to drive performance. Can you manage your time on property which equates with meeting the company benchmark?
  • Team Development: Communicate with Clients, team members and management effectively and in a timely manner, receiving and relaying feedback and executing follow up as needed. Can you work cohesively with a team, delivering on key objectives?
  • Project Management: Complete understanding and execution of daily tasks and efficiently delivering services that meet the needs of the business.Can you complete your daily assigned tasks and communicate maintenance needs of company assets?


  • Will conduct and deliver various mobile security services while operating company patrol vehicle that reflect the companys values, expectations, and consistent service in alignment with site specific instructions/post orders.
  • Will write detailed and accurate reports utilizing company technology and web or app-based software during each shift that align with site instruction/post orders.
  • The Ability to consistently arrive on time for shifts, clock in and out, meet time commitments, follow instruction, follow dress code and appearance standards and expectations
  • Interacting with internal and external customers on site cultivating a customer service relationship striving to provide peace of mind.
  • Consistently communicates with the Advanced Patrol Officer and or the Branch Patrol Supervisor to promptly report any customer or property related information and concerns.
  • Will be assigned a vehicle that officer is responsible for during their shift to include fueling, washing, interior cleanliness, and inspecting.
  • Responsible for the care of any Signal equipment assigned during shift including radios, access keys/cards, uniforms, and devices, etc.
  • Manage daily activities while meeting key benchmarks and expectations set by the Branch Patrol Supervisor such as reporting standards and service quality.
  • Consistently deescalate issues through communication in a professional and prompt manner.
  • Communicate with the Branch Patrol Supervisor to receive and disseminate information through Branch Supervisor Daily Scrum, such as the client needs, route changes, and post order updates to ensure operational excellence and efficiency.


  • 21 years of age or older
  • High school diploma or GED
  • Pass background check and drug test
  • Must have valid drivers license and good driving record
  • Must have reliable transportation
  • Complete training modules within first month
  • Excellent organization, oral, and written communication skills
  • Demonstrate a commitment to service, organization values and professionalism through appropriate conduct and demeanor at all times
  • Must be able to move equipment weighing up to 20 pounds
Brand: Signal of Silver Spring
Address: Signal of Silver Springs Hyattsville, MD - 20724
Property Description: 0284 - Laurel, MD - 20724
Property Number: 0284

Job Summary


Full Time


$64k-75k (estimate)





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Signal of Silver Spring
Part Time
$111k-153k (estimate)
4 Months Ago

The job skills required for Security Patrol Officer include Customer Service, Background Check, Written Communication, Transportation, Commitment, Planning, etc. Having related job skills and expertise will give you an advantage when applying to be a Security Patrol Officer. That makes you unique and can impact how much salary you can get paid. Below are job openings related to skills required by Security Patrol Officer. Select any job title you are interested in and start to search job requirements.

For the skill of  Customer Service
Full Time
$47k-62k (estimate)
2 Days Ago
For the skill of  Background Check
Jim Coleman Cadillac
Full Time
1 Month Ago
For the skill of  Written Communication
Montgomery County Public Schools
Full Time
$59k-91k (estimate)
3 Days Ago
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The following is the career advancement route for Security Patrol Officer positions, which can be used as a reference in future career path planning. As a Security Patrol Officer, it can be promoted into senior positions as an Emergency Response Planning Coordinator that are expected to handle more key tasks, people in this role will get a higher salary paid than an ordinary Security Patrol Officer. You can explore the career advancement for a Security Patrol Officer below and select your interested title to get hiring information.

Allied Universal
Full Time
$47k-61k (estimate)
Just Posted
Enterprise Security Corporation
Full Time | Part Time
$47k-60k (estimate)
3 Months Ago

If you are interested in becoming a Security Patrol Officer, you need to understand the job requirements and the detailed related responsibilities. Of course, a good educational background and an applicable major will also help in job hunting. Below are some tips on how to become a Security Patrol Officer for your reference.

Step 1: Understand the job description and responsibilities of an Accountant.

Quotes from people on Security Patrol Officer job description and responsibilities

Patrol services are a cost-effective alternative to dedicated on-site security officers.

04/16/2022: Lansing, MI

Contribute to security team effort by accomplishing related results as needed.

03/19/2022: Fairbanks, AK

Report suspicious activity, criminal behavior, and security breaches.

01/20/2022: Huntington, WV

A Security Officer may provide briefs on specific situations to the manager, who will handle the more complex elements.

03/11/2022: Miami, FL

guards who work as transportation security screeners protect people, transportation equipment, and freight at airports, train stations, and other transportation facilities.

01/29/2022: Lansing, MI

Step 2: Knowing the best tips for becoming an Accountant can help you explore the needs of the position and prepare for the job-related knowledge well ahead of time.

Career tips from people on Security Patrol Officer jobs

Honesty & Trustworthiness Employers need to trust security guards to make the right decisions to protect their business and the general public.

03/06/2022: Albany, NY

A security guard and gaming surveillance officer also enforces laws on an employee’s property.

04/02/2022: Saint Petersburg, FL

There are a variety of job titles that fall under the security and surveillance career field.

03/17/2022: Boston, MA

Although seeming like a remote possibility to most security officers, Target Solutions’ Homeland Security series helps officers stay prepared for the unthinkable.

01/23/2022: Madison, WI

The numbers of services that security personnel offer are vast and vary from location to location.

02/25/2022: Scranton, PA

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